How to get gacha Nox on IOS?

Many people don’t know that Gacha Nox is unrestricted on iOS devices. The process, though complicated, is worth the step if you want to play this exciting game. You won’t find the game on the App Store, so don’t search for it here. Instead, you’ll have to take an alternative route to get the game. If you’re interested in getting the game on your device, keep reading on as we cover the entire process. 

 How to get gacha Nox on IOS?
  1. On your iPhone device, go to settings and scroll to “General.”
  2. Then tap on “About”. Here you can see the iOS version of your device. Your device needs to be iOS 11 or above to download the game.
  3. Open settings again and select the “Background App Refresh” tab.
  4. From here, set the option to “Wi-Fi & cellular data.”
  5. Now head back to the “Battery Option”. From here, turn off the low-power mode.
  6. After doing this, close the settings. Now, open a browser of your choice on your iOS device.
  7. Next, enter any third-party website in the search bar, like or At this stage, make sure to select a reliable website. Some unreliable sites may harm your device.
  8. On the website, search for Gacha Nox iOS.
  9. Download the latest Gacha Neon game file. It is around 1.7Gz.
  10. Let it completely download. If you’re asked to download any apps, download them as well.
  11. Download the configuration profile, and then close the app.
  12. Finally, go to settings on your device and click on the option “profile downloaded.”
  13. Here, you will see the Gacha app. It will be ready to install.
  14. Click on it to install button. Once the installation completes, the icon will appear in your app menu.
  15. Tap on it to start the game and enjoy unlimited gameplay!

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