Why Gacha Nox is lag?

There are several reasons for this and you should be careful about the requirements on your mobile. Because the reason for this is that there are some requirements to play this game. Most of the time this game does not work for mobiles with RAM like 1 GB and 2 GB, and also for old Android versions like Jelly Bean.

If you have a mobile with updates after 2017, this problem will not come to you. Because then your phone must have good RAM and an Android version. The other thing is bugs. There may be bugs and updates from time to time. If you have turned on data, there are times when auto updates will happen. In such a case, this game may lag on your mobile

Most big video games tend to have bugs, especially if the game itself is longer and larger than say, a game like Journey, which is linear and fairly short. The longer and more expansive the game is, the more you’ll encounter bugs. The reason being is that, no matter how many times they comb through it, they will always miss some. It’s like when you edit a paper.

Every time you do it, you keep finding a mistake. It just happens. It would take way too much time to find every single bug and as long as it doesn’t make it completely unbelievable to play the game (and it rarely does), then the player isn’t going to be all that bothered by it. Or at least, the player shouldn’t be all that bothered. Either way, they have a date when the game has to be released and if it’s a huge game, people should hope there to be bugs in it.

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